Welcome to the official website of The Maritime Network! Since 2007, we have served the maritime industry with specific news, information and events. When I started the Maritime Network on LinkedIn 9 years ago I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined it would grow into the powerhouse it is today.

We reach over 140,000 Maritime Professionals!


With our LinkedIn group, Twitter, Facebook and TheMaritimeNetwork.com website we reach over 140,000 Marine and Maritime professionals.



Our Founder:

Photo6383-FullGaspare Marturano started The Maritime Network in 2007 with just a handful of contacts. Today, the network has grown to reach over 140,000 Maritime and Marine  Industry professionals. He is a past Board Member of the Marine Marketers of America, the owner/moderator of some of the largest marine networks within LinkedIn. I currently serve as a National Staff Officer in the Public Affairs Directorate, Flotilla Staff Officer Marine Safety & Environmental Protection, Certified Vessel Examiner, and Instructor in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

When not on the water working or cruising Candlewood Lake with my family in my hometown of Brookfield, CT, I work at being a social media and digital marketing thought leader, industry speaker and author.

I have authored two books SocializeWith.Me or Someone Else Will, as well as my latest book World Coast Guards – Global Sea Guardians available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Twitter: @gasparem LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gasparem












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