Integration Of Expedition Nav Software With RedPort XGate Satellite Data Services

RedPort Global, announced the integration of Expedition navigation software with RedPort XGate satellite data services and the RedPort Optimizer series of satellite data routers. XGate is the world’s leading independent satellite data acceleration service letting people easily and affordably access accelerated email, web, weather data, social media and blogging wherever they go. Expedition software is advanced navigation software used by racers and recreational boaters. The integration lets users of Expedition easily access weather data via their XGate subscription or an Optimizer router connected to any standard satellite communications device.

“Before, getting weather data into Expedition to ensure optimum navigation routing was complicated and had limitations,” said Dr. Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global. “Now, users can easily access weather over virtually any satellite device, to get the most out of Expeditions routing functions.”

“This is a terrific enhancement for Expedition users,” says Nick White of Expedition. “Racing boats in particular need fast, cost-effective access to weather data. Optimizer and XGate offer this to our customers. In addition, the seamless interaction between Expedition and Optimizer or XGate make the navigator’s tasks much easier, freeing them to spend more time on decision making. It can make the critical difference in a race.”

Other services include:

  • Accelerated Email – Email service offers up to 20 times acceleration versus uncompressed speeds, saving up to 85% on satellite airtime. Works with a dedicated email address or third-party services such as Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail or your corporate mail address.
  • Accelerated Web Browsing – Compression uses a web proxy service to provide users with 3-5 times average web acceleration, while also blocking ads, checking for malicious sites and compressing images.
  • Text-based Mobile Weather Forecasts – XGate mobile weather forecasts delivery up to 7 days of a variety of text-based weather forecasts for iOS and Android users.
  • Social media – Users can post text and photos to Facebook and Twitter over satellite and cellular narrowband devices
  • Blogging – Users get free access to a Sailblogs premium basic account to help them share their adventures while travelling with their satphone

XGate Mobile Apps Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
  • Google Android smartphones and tablets

Author: gasparem

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