Chinese Shipbuilder Boosts Deep-Sea Exploration Capabilities

China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC) is almost done building a new cost-efficient manned submersible that could reach the majority of seabeds in the world. The development of deep-sea manned submersibles for rough seas would be one of CSIC’s priorities in 2017.

The vessel, now under final assembly and testing phase, will be equipped with five observation windows and three seats.

CSIC also led the development of Jiaolong, China’s first manned deep-sea submersible that reached 7,062 meters deep in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean and allows research and exploration on 99.8 percent of the Earth’s seafloors.

Compared with Jiaolong, CSIC’s new vessels can reach a depth of 4,500 meters but boast wider commercial usage and lower cost.

CSIC is also upgrading the design of its first-ever floating nuclear demonstration platform that can be installed in vessels to provide electricity to oil rigs, remote areas such as the South China Sea, offshore engineering ships, and desalination ships or projects.

According to Wang Junli, a senior specialist at CSIC, the technology can also be used to develop nuclear-powered icebreakers and research ships for polar regions and other marine engineering projects.

Last week, the China National Nuclear Corp also entered into a cooperation agreement with China State Shipbuilding Corp, a domestic rival of CSIC, to develop a similar equipment.

Shao Kaiwen, deputy general manager of CSIC, announced that the company also made breakthroughs in the installation and operation of a high-efficiency liquefied natural gas gasifier engineering project, a measurement system for nuclear reactors with over 1 million kilowatts capacity, and several electric propulsion products and chemical cells.

CSIC is deploying resources in 10 areas, including power and underwater defense products, electronic information and intelligent equipment, and mechanical and electrical equipment. It will integrate its civilian and military businesses over the next five years.
Source: Yibada

Author: gasparem

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